Our Ghostwriting Team

Some call them Ghostwriting Experts; we know them better as WORD WIZARDS! Our team genuinely believes everyone deserves to tell their story, and our Wizards breathe life into your ideas and help you deliver your message to the world.

Tyler Deforce


With nearly 10 years of experience Deforce is a proud and active contributor to our team. Over the years he has worked with many mainstream Authors and Screenwriters – helping them realize their true potential. With an impeccable record, Deforce’s contribution to Advance Ghostwriting is irreplaceable and many of our clients come back, requesting his services, time and time again. Deforce is ready to speak to you on your book idea and work with you to deliver a story that is unmatched and timeless.

Joan Reid


Reid is particularly gifted when it comes to Memoirs and Biographies and continues to prove herself to be a valuable asset to the team here at Advance Ghostwriting. With her expertise spanning 11+ years, Reid has helped the team grow, explore new avenues of opportunities within the industry and formulate new SOPs to strengthen the team’s agility. If you are in search of a Writer to help you with penning your life’s story then Reid is the answer to all your prayers.

Melissa Lawrence


From a very young age, Lawrence was well aware of her unique apt for storytelling and has since shaped her career both as a prolific Writer and Editor. With Advance Ghostwriting, she has helped deliver nearly 3 dozen projects for reputed Authors, Playwrights, and esteemed Scholars looking to hit the mark. She is often the North Star for the team, when looking for imaginative and interactive solutions. Lawrence is there to help you weave your story and take it to the finishing line from the word-go.

Ian Vaughan


Vaughan has put his Degree in Psychology to good use since joining the Advance Ghostwriting team – helping institutions, governing bodies, healthcare centers, and government agencies put forward their mission, and goals for multiple development, training and experimental programs. Vaughan has continued to glorify the team’s status and works across teams to give you a game plan that means business and delivers tangible results.

Nancy Jay

Writer and Editor

Jay has been an avid reader and writer since she can remember, and is now a talented storyteller and an influential Technical Writer. When it’s fiction or nonfiction, Jay has managed to captivate the customers as well as the audience at-large with her wit, imagination and powerful word-play. Her Technical Writing skills makes her particularly treasured within the Advance Ghostwriting team – thereby helping Digital Marketers, Product Managers and Software Engineers build technologies that revolutionize the way our world functions.